New Features

  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Funding Calculator now uses the “Funding Used at Previous Provider” and “Time at Previous Provider” fields recorded against the PICS Episode to make adjustments for prior learning in the calculations.


  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Calculator now generates sensible process warnings for learners that have start dates too far in the past or end dates too far in the future.
  • eApply: Accessibility improvements have been made.
  • Form Capture App: Client time difference tolerances have been reduced to less than 5 seconds behind the server.
  • PICS Main: Sorting and Titling of Performance Criteria is now the same in Basedata and Learner Achievements
  • PICS Main: The list of available DAM codes has now been updated to align with version 3 of the ESFA monitoring codes spreadsheet.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Capture App: Applicants added directly to PICS from Form Capture were not getting the generated document attached. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: The 2020 ILR Exporter no longer sends the Employer ID for unemployed apprentices with Employment Status 11 or 12. This is to prevent triggering rule EmpId_14.
  • PICS Main: When adding a new Learner certain short Qualification references could be incorrectly identified as Pre 2017 Work Experience Aims. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: The 2019 “Year of student on this instance” field on the HE Data screen was not editable. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: The old Ofsted Report based on 2014 methodology was no longer identifying the Main Aim’s Level. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: The Auto Sms/Email Report’s would send duplicate messages for the Status Change Report Type when the “Allowing sending of previously sent messages” and “Send messages where status change effective date is within range” options were both selected. Now fixed.