• PICS Main: LDM codes 370 – 377 have been added to the LDM picklist.
  • PICS Main: PICS will now update aims in Qualification Base Data where the LARS Section 96 Review Date has been updated.
  • Claims and Profiles: Funding Reconcilers can now be run for 2020/21.

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Calculator was not generating completion payments for apprenticeship standard learners when the aim End Date was between 1st August 2019 and 4th August 2019. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: DMA Decision file uploads were overwriting the JCP notification file. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: A “Planned Hours is not specified” error would be shown when the Planned Hours was blank on Programme Aims which started before 01/08/2019, or on Trailblazer aims which don’t require Planned Hours. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: When using SOF code 117 (North of Tyne) the following error would occur when saving the aim: “Funding Model 35 is inconsistent with Source of Funding 117”. Now fixed.