• CRM and Applicants: Advanced Learning Loans Learning and Funding Letter template is now based on the ESFAs version from June 2020
  • Misc Tools: The BKSB databridge now supports the Reformed English and Maths Initial Assessments
  • PICS Main: LARS v7 : 9th July is now available in PICS.

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: The FM25 Funding Calculation was not calculating funding for Traineeship learners where their core aim is planned to start in a future funding year. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: If the main officer for a learner was changed, the learning objective results created before the change would no longer be visible to the new main officer. Now fixed.
  • eFileStore: eFileStore “Replicate to Pellcomp” was failing on Windows Server 2008 R2 due to outbound TLS defaulting to version 1.0. Now corrected.
  • Form Capture App: Open XML attachments from Remote Sign were not opening properly in Windows FCA after signing. Now fixed.