eAssessor: PICS ePortfolio

eAssessor provides an ePortfolio and online tracking platform deeply integrated in real time with PICS. By providing a single platform for assessors, learners, Quality Assurers, administrative staff & managers the combination of eAssessor and PICS can provide unparalleled business intelligence and a genuine competitive advantage.

eAssessor provides a rich ePortfolio experience with features to manage all aspects of learning & assessment.

Instant ePortfolio

As soon as a learner has been signed up in PICS, their ePortfolio is available in eAssessor. This provides substantial time savings over traditional ePortfolios. Learning & assessment resources relevant to the learner’s specific course will also become instantly accessible. With PICS & assessor working in unison, your learning & assessment processes can start with the minimum of delay.

Learner Tracking

eAssessor provides a robust set of features for tracking, updating and evidencing all aspects of learner progression. Achievement tracking is available down to the assessment criteria level, with progression clearly displayed in a visual, informative manner.

Evidence Capture

Evidence in any digital format can be uploaded by learners, assessors and employers. Evidence can be cross-referenced throughout the assessment hierarchy and full assessment feedback recorded. User-configurable methods and an evidence weighting systems can be used to help you maintain a strict, auditable policy towards evidencing requirements.

Assessment & Reviews

Full assessment and review recording is available. Reviews can either be imported into the system or fulfilled in the system using an auditable system of digital signatures. Collectively these facilities allow your remote workers to monitor and update all aspects of learner tracking data.

Learner Change requests

Our learner change request system allows assessors to clearly feedback required data changes to your core administrative team. With both an integrated alert system and clear auditing facility, this feature can help to increase responsiveness to situations such as breaks in learning or changes of qualification.

Caseload Management & Reporting

eAssessor goes far beyond learner and portfolio tracking facilities and  provides a complete toolset through which your assessors can manage all aspects of their workload. Meanwhile integration into the PICS reporting suite provides managers with performance analyses data populated in real-time with ePortfolio data.

User workspaces provide clear visibility of items requiring attention

Reports dashboard visually presents learning & assessment reporting to managers

Activities diary integrates call, appointment and task records from PICS CRM, improving companywide coordination

Quality Assurance and Verification

eAssessor includes a comprehensive suite of utilities for both Internal and external Quality Assurance. Hover over the features below to find out more.
Tradition IQA Unit grid interface for planning IQA activity
Powerful evidence sampling utility that can output either a predefined number of evidence files or a set percentage of all relevant files
Detailed feedback both on individual evidence files and the overall quality of a sample
Integrated, auditable messaging between assessor & IQA

Third Party ePortfolio Interfaces

We understand that implementing a portfolio across a training organisation takes substantial effort. if you have already implemented an ePortfolio that perfectly fulfills your needs you may still be able to  enjoy the benefits of an integrated solution by utilising one of our third party interfaces.

Supported ePortfolios include:

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