eAssessor for PICS

Key Benefits

  • Improved accuracy through remote data entry at the point of learner contact
  • Improved efficiency due to instantaneous updates to core MI system for company-wide reporting
  • Improved results and timeliness for individuals and providers.
  • Red, amber, green learner management for proactive monitoring of learners and stringent review profiling
  • Cost effective - No per-learner or per-user costs


Empower your assessors with the ability to deliver real-time learner data to those responsible for company performance. Supply your administration teams with up to date key programme information for instant response and planning.

Our eAssessor module gives you secure online access to the PICS learner management system. Your learners, remote officers and MI team will see the benefits from real-time portfolio management to on-site review and assessment recording. Improved learner results and timeliness will improve your organisation's performance - a contractual necessity in this ever-changing, performance driven sector.

PICS and eAssessor - a strong foundation for your business's continued success and future development.

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Features Include

  • Secure online access to learner reviews, assessments and portfolios
  • Officer caseload and diary management
  • Monitor any portfolio for any programme in PICS
  • Instant updates to company-wide performance data
  • Full user-access control
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