PICS for the Work and Health Programme

From JCP Referral, Registration, Work Focused Action Plans, In Work Support and claiming Outcomes in PRaP, you can track customers throughout their journey to find employment within PICS. Whether you are a prime supplier, subcontractor or participant, PICS for the Work and Health Programme can help you.

PICS is used by prime contractors to successfully manage Work Programme and many other DWP contracts. It allows secure management of your whole supply chain using simple task focussed interfaces. This solution offers clarity and ease of use alongside full process control and automation of routine processes.

Customise data capture, design your own workflows, easily manage appointments, record communications, drum up employment opportunities and match suitable customers.

Offline Tablet App

A tablet/laptop application to capture customer intervention detail, with electronic signatures and secure synchronisation with the core system.
PICS has full capabilities for tracking skills programmes like Traineeships that may become part of Work Programme delivery.

Reporting made easy

Build custom reports, web dashboards and deploy them across supply chains without any technical knowledge.

Hosting Option

As well as supplying systems we’ll host them and provide technical support. This will provide a single point of contact and reduced bureaucracy.

PRaP Referrals

PICS streamlines the referral process by automating as much as possible. Powerful workflows and scheduling tools allow creation of automatic processes and regular interventions to fit your business processes.
Import customer data file downloaded from PRaP
Automatic referral allocation based on the Jobcentre and customer postcode
CRM Workflows, activities and calendars for scheduling and tracking appointments
Automated text messages reminding customers about their planned engagements
Mandation letters and JCP Notifications compliant with legal requirements

Subcontractor Management

Managing your supply chain is critical for efficient delivery of Work Programme. PICS will validate your customer data, create and store the mandatory paperwork, provide full audit records for your activity as well as providing full management reporting and monitoring tools.
Advisor’s workspace displays today’s activities, recently allocated customers and overdue/ rejected job claims which need attention
Automatically generated DWP forms and letters are digitally signed for each mandated activity and saved against the customer record
Minimum Service Standard failures are flagged during data entry
Create and customise your own dashboards to display real-time statistics to your supply chain
Caseload summary simplifies allocation of customers to advisors
Process control guides advisors through each step of a customer’s journey. Appointments, action plans, DMAs and job entries are all captured using step by step wizards.
Employment tracking tool automatically reschedules job outcome and sustainment payment milestones
Customer web application for vacancy matching, benefits calculation,  action plan and calendar is fully integrated with the core system

Claims and Validation

PICS has an interactive report which consolidates all the information you’re required to enter into PRaP. Each job outcome is checked by your validation team and ticked off once entered into the PRaP website. Validation failures are immediately fed back to the advisor’s workspace page so your team can concentrate on the quality of information and let PICS manage your processes for you.
Checkbox Report presents all the data you’re required to enter into PRaP and ensures all payments are validated prior to claim.
Centrally manage validation and sending of JCP forms, DMA documents and Exit Reports
DWP remittance import tool automatically updates milestone payments and failures
Funding Calculator generates and stores each month’s financial values at the click of a button based on the data submitted to PRaP
Comprehensive financial reports help you manage your contracts and performance

Management Information Reports

PICS has a wide range of built in reports which everyone can use, either on demand or scheduled to run as required. Reports can be used to feed dashboards so advisors will always know their current performance vs their targets.
Thorough data analysis made easy for both Prime Suppliers and their Subcontractors with single click reports including:
Activities report providing a comprehensive overview of your customers’ journey and their achieved milestones
Milestone Tracking report listing all of the scheduled claims including rejections and overdue items
Claim History report outlining funding values generated up to the current date
Analysis report producing general MI on starts, leavers and on programme analysed by both personal and programme values
AdHoc reporting suite allowing officers to create and save their own reports within the PICS system
Facility to build you own custom reports using SQL Server Reporting

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