Year end working with PICS

As P12 submission approaches, some of you will be wondering what you need to do to get your data ready for the 2017/18 contract year. The good news is, in most cases there’s very little you need to do as our annual data migration routine handles much of it.

Contrary to ESFA guidance, you don’t need to ‘close down’ learner records and transfer them to the 2017/18 year if you use PICS. With the major version release each year, we migrate your ILR data in accordance with the ESFA’s ILR Migration Specification. For a full list of fields involved in the PICS migration, please refer to our migration guidance.

PICS 15.10

PICS 15.10 is scheduled to be released on August 15th and will contain updated data capture and validation for the 2017/18 year, as well as the all-important ILR migration. However, as with last year, the changes to the ILR are so minimal that we don’t see any issue with adding new year starts to PICS now, providing you’re on at least PICS After the data migration has taken place, please check any 2017/18 learners you entered earlier to make sure there are no data discrepancies.

Historic Fields

The ILR section in PICS will always reflect the current situation of your learners, so after migration the values from previous years can be found in the Historic tabs of the ILR. There are several Historic sections, as detailed below, and PICS will always choose the correct fields for the export year in question. The following screenshots show the current historic fields for 2015/16, when PICS 15.10 is released the 2016/17 historic fields will be available.


Component Aims:

Programme Aim:

Funding, Exports and Reconciliation

The final ILR submission for 2016/17 must be completed by 19th October 2017, as after this date the Hub will be closed for 2016/17 and no further uploads are possible. Once PICS 15.10 is released you need to make sure you’re running the Funding Calculator and ILR Exports for both 2016/17 and 2017/18, until the end of R14. When you access either of these features during this time, you’ll be given a choice of which year you’d like to access.

Further information
We have an online help page that will be updated throughout the year-end, so please keep an eye on it for updates: PICS 15.10 for 2017/18

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