PICS 15.10 update process for users of Pellcomp Hosting

Please note: This post only applies to customers whose software and data are hosted by Pellcomp. If you host your own copy of PICS, you should update your software as normal using software updates.

The version of PICS for the 2017/18 contract year, PICS 15.10, will be released on the afternoon of August 15th. As a user of PICS Hosting you’re used to having your software updates done for you automatically overnight, but between August 2nd and the end of P1 submission these automatic updates will be disabled. The purpose of this is to allow you to decide when will be the best time for your business to make the upgrade to PICS 15.10.

Hosted customers who use our web applications, such as eAssessor, eTutor etc., are strongly encouraged to contact the Support team in advance of running the update to arrange for the web applications to be stopped. If the web applications are in use when you try to update there’s a very high likelihood that your update will fail.

Once you’re ready to update to the new version, you’ll need to do so by manually running Software Updates. For many of you this will be an unfamiliar process, but it’s very simple and the steps required are detailed below:

  • Ensure no one else is running PICS in your company
  • At the PICS logon screen, not the Hosting website logon, go to the Tools menu and select Software Updates
  • “Update from Network Update Repository” should be selected, do not change this
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button to check for updates
  • If updates are available they will be listed on the screen
  • Click ‘Next’ again to start installing
  • You should now receive a message saying updates have installed
  • Click OK to return to the logon screen

Automatic updates will resume on Aug 29th and you will be automatically upgraded if you haven’t already done so.

Note: Having updated your software, when you first log in to PICS the 15.10 data upgrade and migration will start and this could take anything from 20 to 45 minutes. Do not attempt to stop the upgrade process or you could corrupt your data.

If you need further guidance, or encounter any issues, please contact the support team at or on 01603 492620.

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