PICS Released

PICS has now been released. This will probably be our last release until PICS 15.10 which we expect to be available around the middle of August.

ILR 17/18 Data Capture and Validation
We have updated our ILR data capture and validation, and from this version onwards it should be fine to enter 2017/18 starts or changes. In preparation for PICS 15.10, we will be making more ILR data capture changes to meet the requirements for the new contract year.

For Learners starting after 01/08/2017 validation has been updated to ensure the new Work Experience aim code “ZWRKX001” is used (see Appendix H of the ILR specification for further details), the number of planned work placement hours must be recorded separately. Further details on the process will be published in the near future.

Learner Summary Sceen
We’ve made some visual improvements to the learner summary screen to give it a cleaner feel:

Currently it’s an opt in feature, so if you would like to enable it and provide feedback it can be turned on via PICS Config (applies to all database users):

Contact Hours – Record Location
When recording contact hours in PICS you can now specify where those hours happened. A location field has been added with a dropdown of known placements for that learner. The field is included in the report from contact hours view, and in the next release it will be able in AdHoc.

eEmploy Improved Error Messages
We’ve improved the way we handle errors in eEmploy. We no longer show a meaningless message of “An error has occurred”, instead we now log the error remotely and provide a unique Error ID which Pellcomp staff can use to find the full error message. Just make sure to provide the Error ID when calling / emailing in.

Bug Fixes and Smaller New Features
At this time of year our release cycle slows down a bit. However, in preparation for our annual major version release, we have made quite a few smaller changes; full release notes are detailed in the release notes section of our website section of our website.

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