PICS Released

PICS has now been released; full release notes are detailed in the release notes section of our website.

This sprint we have been working on our REST web service, improving FM36 claims and have introduced a new interactive report in AdHoc.

FM36 Apprentice Reforms improvements

We have been improving FM36 claims and working on reconciling the Indicative Earnings reports provided by the HUB. We expect Actual Earnings reports to be available from 7th June and it would help us greatly if you are willing to send us a copy of the reports and a backup of your data so that we can ensure PICS handles these accordingly as we believe the Actuals report may differ slightly from the Indicative report. Contact the Support team for details of how to get these to us securely.

REST web service

The REST web service is an additional module for PICS that allows developers to create custom applications and interfaces to your PICS data. We have made some changes and additions to a couple of the areas exposed as part of the service.


The vacancy search function, or end-point, has been renamed to /Vacancies/Match to more accurately reflect its functionality. This change can be seen in the built-in documentation:


On the employer end-point, we have added the ability to perform a search for employers.  The currently supported search parameters are: Name, Postcode, Additional ID and Accounting System ID.  The resulting list of employers can be sorted by Name or Place code.

The following is an example of searching by name and postcode and sorting the results by name descending.


For more details about the REST web service, and how you can develop custom tools, please contact our sales team at

Interactive Pivot Analysis for AdHoc Reports

With the introduction of Pivot Analysis for AdHoc, customizing reports to suit your needs has never been more flexible. For users familiar with Pivot Tables in Excel this should be easy for you to pick up and play around. If you’re new to Pivot Analysis we recommend you read our documentation which explains; building your own pivots, filtering, sorting, advanced calculations and changing the format of fields.

For a complete list of changes in this release, please refer to the full release notes.

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