PICS Released

PICS has now been released; full release notes are detailed in the release notes section of our website.


The big news with this release is that we are now happy to announce the release of eAdmin. This web-based module for PICS helps you to efficiently batch process employer payments for apprenticeship programmes and is the ideal way to give your finance teams visibility of the payment information in PICS. Further details are available in our launch flyer. If you would like a quote for eAdmin please contact



FM36 Data Lock Reconciler

The Double Lock report produced by the HUB shows a breakdown of learners who do not meet the requirements to pass the Double Lock. After an ILR submission, the report will be available to download from the HUB.

PICS processes the report, matching learners with the data held in PICS, and creates a spreadsheet containing additional learner information to help you identify which learner records need updating to pass the Double Lock.

For a complete list of changes in this release, please refer to the full release notes.

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