Update 6: LRS Web Service Errors – now fixed

Update: 05/05/2017

The LRS are confident that the recent issues with their web service have now been resolved, and tests here indicate that does appear to the be the case. Should you still encounter issues with this, please let the Support team have details.

Update: 21/04/2017

The LRS have identified a problem with their web services and we’re currently testing a potential fix. These tests have been successful so far and PICS can connect to a test version of the web service successfully. The LRS are waiting for a suitable maintenance slot before they can roll out the fix, but we’ll provide updates as soon as we know more.

Update: 12/04/2017

The LRS have now informed us that the issues with their batch processing have now all been resolved. Any batch processed after 11:30am today should be processed successfully and the Output and Resolved files can be imported into PICS without any changes.

The Web Service issues are still being investigated and we’ll provide any updates as we receive them. At this time various solutions are being tested by the LRS and as soon as one is available we’ll be sure to let you know.

Update: 10/04/2017

We are still in discussions with the LRS technical team regarding the web service certificate issues we are encountering in PICS. Please continue to use the LRS Portal or batch uploads to obtain ULNs in the meantime.

We’ve also identified a problem with the “Output” batch XML files downloaded from the LRS after a batch submission. The LRS have mistakenly changed the format of these files which means that they can no longer be imported into PICS and a “List index out of bounds” error appears. We’re in discussions with the LRS about this, but in the meantime you can contact the Pellcomp Support team who can assist in adding the extra lines into the file to allow it to import correctly.

Update: 06/04/2017

We are now in discussions with the LRS technical team who are treating this as a high-priority incident. As soon as we know any more we’ll update this post, but in the meantime you can use the online LRS portal or batch uploads to obtain ULNs for learners, or use the “dummy” 999999999 for any learner who started within the last 60 days.

The LRS were experiencing problems with their batch processing system, but this was resolved yesterday and any batch uploaded should now be processed as normal.

Update: 03/04/2017

The LRS have come back to us to confirm they’re treating this as a major incident and their tech team is looking into it. They have also confirmed, as we suspected, that it is NOT just PICS that has been affected by this problem, but multiple software suppliers. We will update you as soon as we hear anything more.

Original Story

Although the LRS service is back up after maintenance, some customers are experiencing connection issues from PICS, receiving “Error with the LRS Certificate. Please ensure that the certificate has been installed and that any necessary permissions have been assigned” as an error. We’re working with LRS to establish the cause of this, but it appears to be an intermittent issue so you may want to keep trying until the service responds if you have urgent registrations to process.

We’ll update you when we know more.

Full information about the LRS maintenance can be found in the LRS release notes.

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